I thought I would just take a moment to tell you how very impressed I am with the quality and construction of your holsters. I Operate a business in the retail firearms world. That gives me ample reason to carry a gun on a daily basis, but comfort is very important to me. Just like everyone else that is serious about carrying a handgun, I have a box of holsters that are totally useless! Well, once I started carrying a gun in one of your holsters, my box of useless holsters grew by three... I basically threw away holsters from some of the top names in the industry. I no longer have a reason to carry a gun in anyone else's holster. The comfort, quality, versatility, and ability to conceal are second to none with your product! People frequently ask me what type of holster I carry my gun in and I now tell them with pride and excitement to check out Soteria Leather. There is no better complement I can pay you than the fact that I refer my customers to you and you only. I hope you have many years of success, you have truly earned it!

Gun Store Owner

I have been carrying my glock 19 in a Soteria iwb holster for about 4 months now. I guess I will start by saying this holster conceals better than any holster I have ever owned and is the most comfortable. I'm a lefty and carry in the 8 o'clock position. A lot of holsters don't conceal well in this position and aren't very comfortable, this isn't the case with the iwb by Soteria Leather. The holster is made out of American made leather and is beautifully stitched. After months of daily use and abuse it still looks as good as when it was still in the package. I usually pick holster with belt clips instead of loops, this holster has  loops and I wasn't disappointed. The loops are easily snapped and un-snapped, but have never come unsnapped while wearing it. I have a few iwb leather holsters that made it difficult while reholstering one handed. The Soteria holster stays open for easy one handed reholstering. I'm a firearms instructor and see students with tons of different equipment come through my courses. Some good and some are complete train wrecks. I have students asking all the time for a holster recommendation, since I have been carrying my Soteria holster, it’s always my first recommendation. Durable, functional, concealment, and comfort at a great price from a good new company.

Certified Combat Focus Shooting Instructor
& NRA Instructor

I purchased one of your leather IWB holsters for my Glock 17 from Brightwater Ventures due to a recommendation from Nick, the stores owner. I just wanted to shoot you an email and tell you that is is by far the best IWB holster that I have ever worn, its super comfortable and versatile and I can make it do whatever I want and put it wherever I want when I carry concealed. I wish you and your company the best and see great success in your future! keep it up!


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